Sphagni Rose
Sphagni Rose

Sphagni Rose

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Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Aqua Sphagni, Lanolin, Wool Alcohols, Ethanol, Seaweed Extract, Essential Rose Oil

Moisturising and protective, a fine emulsion incorporating essential oil of rose

Sphagni Rose allows the heart to remain open while offering a protective shield to the wearer.

So often when overwhelmed or in uncomfortable and unfamiliar surroundings we close our hearts, withdraw and hunch our shoulders forward in a protective gesture.

This restricts our breathing, rhythmic and circulatory systems, contributing to tension and constriction in the body. Rose is the traditional heart remedy used to help one remain open, stand tall, take part in and offer valuable contributions to our environment and the situations in which we find ourselves.

For children, wearing Sphagni Rose can feel like being surrounded by a mother's warm & loving embrace which they can take with them as they go about their day