Kite Paper 16x16cm  (rainbow colours)

Kite Paper 16x16cm (rainbow colours)

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100 waxed sheets - 16 x 16cm

Durable transparent coloured glassen paper traditionally used for kite making. Recommended for Lanterns Window stars and many other creative projects.

Glassen paper has a 'waxey' feeling hence it is often mistakenly referred to as Wax paper. Interestingly though it actually has no wax in it and the paper properties are quite different to wax paper and they have very different uses.

Glassen paper is made from paper pulp that undergoes a special 'making' process. It is not coated with anything nor does it have anything 'extra' added to the pulp. The process itself creates the qualities in the paper - durability transparency shine and the waxey feeling.

Glassen paper is often used to wrap food stuffs as it is water repellant (to an extent). Our Glassen paper is certified as safe to wrap food stuffs. This means everything in it is non-toxic and yes it will indeed biodegrade!

5 Colours - Blue Green Golden Yellow Red and White