Grapat Mandala Petals
Grapat Mandala Petals
Grapat Mandala Petals

Grapat Mandala Petals

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36 pieces of mandala little petals
• 36 mm height • 14 mm ø

The Grapat Mandala Petals set is a superbly versatile, open ended, loose parts wooden toy and the possibilities of use are so exciting! Designed in order to create a unique sensory experience as you design your own mandala, this encourages the development of fine motor skills and becomes a beautifully interactive way to teach children about symmetry and subtlety in colour and tone.

This set of thirty-six little petals in varying shades of red and pink can also be used for developing mathematical skills and thinking, useful as counters. Handmade from sustainably sourced wood and finished with non-toxic colours.