Grimm’s Small Stepped Pyramid
Grimm’s Small Stepped Pyramid

Grimm’s Small Stepped Pyramid

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The Grimm’s small Stepped Pyramid comes with 100 wooden building blocks in a wooden frame. This beautiful open ended block set provides building potential of a great variety. Imaginary palaces, castles, cities, towers and houses and in conjunction with some of the smaller Grimm’s items (like the forest and mushroom sets), magical landscapes or stories may begin to evolve. Imagination is the key and these blocks provide a wonderful starting point. A great aid for counting, understanding fractions and imaginary play.

These smaller building blocks are also perfect for table top play where wonderful 2-D and 3-D patterns sculptures can arise or games with marbles can be invented.
 These smaller scale blocks set have a uniform 2×2 cm base, with varying lengths and easily integrate with any of the other small Grimm’s 2×2 blocks.

Made from wood, with non-toxic water based colour stain/non-toxic plant based oil finish

Size: Frame 22.5cm, Single blocks 2 cm thickness, Length up to 10cm

Ages 3+