Narwhal The Arctic Unicorn

Narwhal The Arctic Unicorn

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Discover the beautiful and fascinating unicorn of the sea, the narwhal, with words by a Planet Earth II producer and pictures by an award-winning artist.
"Now the narwhal must begin their epic journey north. It’s a journey with many dangers along the way…"

Join us on an icy journey into Arctic waters, as we dive down deep with one of the most enchanting creatures in the world – the narwhal. Learn about how narwhals have adapted to their freezing habitat, how they look after their young and all about their distinctive, mysterious tusks. Complete with an index and a conservation note, this is a wonderful addition to the Nature Storybook series, which showcase the stories of animals all over the world.

About the Author

Justin Anderson has eighteen years of documentary experience working for the BBC; he has presented an acclaimed radio documentary for BBC Radio 4 where he tracked arctic wolves across Canada, and went on to direct the Mountains episode for the BAFTA and Emmy Award winning Planet Earth II series.

About the Illustrator

Jo Weaver had a career as a support worker in the non-profit sector before retraining as an illustrator. She completed an MA degree in Children's Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art in 2014, where she discovered a love of working in charcoal. Shortly afterwards she was shortlisted for the Association of Illustrator's newcomer's Awards, and has since won the Award Nati per Leggere for her highly-acclaimed debut Little One (Little Tiger).