The Art of Touch Cards

The Art of Touch Cards

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A unique deck of trauma-informed Somatic practice cards for individuals & couples

 This deck contains 5 sets in 1 deck, plus a 40 page info and instruction booklet, with extra pointers for the healing touch-work practice. This can be done with a partner or a trusted friend.

These are introductory exercises to get you out of your head & connected to your body. A great daily practice for those who struggle to meditate to regulate their nervous system. Super helpful if you suffer anxiety or depression, but great for anyone in this crazy world! They activate the vagus nerve pathways and connect the 3 brains: head, heart and gut.

* Do you find it hard to connect to your body, or know what you are feeling? Have you experienced trauma?

* Do you feel unsafe in your body or in the world?

* Do you feel disconnected from your partner when it comes to intimacy?

These easy to use Somatic practice cards are your guide back to your body & your 'self', and can reunite a sense of safety and intimacy for couples.