Apiscor Beeswax Crayons, Stick 16 in Bamboo Box

Apiscor Beeswax Crayons, Stick 16 in Bamboo Box

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Developed with the senses of the child (and the environment) in mind, Apiscor crayons have vibrant intense pigment and contain 45% beeswax and less than 10% paraffin making them leaders in sustainable beeswax crayons available.

They draw very smoothly on the page, are long lasting and are beloved by Steiner Schools in South America where they have been used for many years.

16 Stick Crayons in a sturdy bamboo box with sliding lid to keep your crayons safe and sound.

Colours: Lemon Yellow | Golden Yellow | Orange | Vermilion | Carmine Red | Red Violet | Blue Violet | Ultramarine Blue | Sky Blue | Light Green | Emerald Green | Blue Green | Light Brown | Dark Brown | Grey | Pink.