Grimm’s Annual Ring

Grimm’s Annual Ring

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The Grimm’s Wooden Annual Ring is a beautiful tool for the exploration of the cycle of a year and a great guide in enabling children to understand the cycle of days, weeks, months that make up the year.

Each segment of the Annual Ring represents 1 month (dark blue represents January, purple represents December and so on) Using marbles, beads, candles or the Grimm’s decorations, an element is moved one place forward. For example a Grimm’s figure can be placed in the inside hole, marking the Month and a ball or bead placed in an outside hole marking the first week of that month. At the end of each week another ball is added to the vacant outside holes and then the pieces move into the next Month segment. A treasure from nature or something special relating to the month can be placed in the bowl.

The Annual Ring fits perfectly with the Grimm’s Circular Disc For Year Calendar. The circular (cyclic) nature of the seasons and the various occasions during the months are vividly portrayed using this spectacular hands on representation of the movement of days, weeks and months that create the passage of a year.

13 pieces in a wooden frame

Made from lime wood, non-toxic water based colour stain, non-toxic plant based oil finish

Size: diameter 38cm

 For ages 3+