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It seems appropriate that on the verge of expanding the bricks and mortar space of my beautiful shop to open onto the streets of Kallista, I launch my blog!
Epoche is seven years old and suddenly I find a flood of memories pouring forth about how this all came to be.

The name "Epoche" came to me in a dream- literally. In my dream there was a little French looking wrought iron bracket with an oval swinging sign with "epoche" written on it beside a lovely old fashioned looking shop window. I was turning 40 and, after this experience, I declared to my partner that I thought I might open a Steiner shop in Kallista- the heart of the Dandenong Ranges. I decided that if I applied for the business name and got it, I would consider it a good omen to proceed.

To cut a long story short, I got the name and eventually found (after a rather challenging search) the perfect building which was completely hidden behind another shopfront and, to my amazement, had the beautiful window of my dream! I wept when I found it.

Above is a quick snap I took a couple of weeks ago after I'd set up my Spring seasonal table which shows the window and outside in my lovely garden is the hanging sign on the bracket. 
My four children have been educated at Steiner schools for their whole school life - two are still there.

The word 'epoch' is intrinsic to the Steiner curriculum where each year level adopts a particular evoutionary step in human consciousness; for instance the Norse mythology for Class 4. Below is a photo taken at my son's Norse boat launch: a beautiful handcrafted boat lovingly made in class by the children and their teacher. This is the kind of immersion in an epoch that I find most inspiring about this education.

It has always astounded me how Rudolf Steiner got it so right when matching the epochs with the age and stage of development of the children.

Choosing this path of education has been a sacred and growthful experience for my family, adults included.

Nine years ago I began studying Steiner Education here in Melbourne and opened my shop three years later. 

My shop feels like a blessed space in my community where all the values and gifts I have received on my journey can be celebrated. Epoche nurtures my soul. It fuels my creativity and I believe those who visit experience the warmth, abundance and inspiration.
In fact, my motto "Beauty. Spirit. Wonder." expresses this and has always been my underpinning motivation.

x Mirakye 


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